The “armored” machine with solar panels will be a battery on wheels

The “armored” cars and truck with photovoltaic panels might be the very first electrical lorry that features genuine chauffeur advantages. Its photovoltaic panels will certainly have

Why apps are blue and why Facebook drops that color

Open up the phone as well as have a look at your applications. You will certainly observe that a lot of them are blue Why? Facebook,

How malware was delivered to you with Game of Thrones

The last season of Game of Thrones has beaten several records, including cyber crime. According to Kaspersky Lab researchers, each episode has been accompanied by a

Disaster for Huawei: He will no longer be able to produce Kirin processors

The calamity proceeds for Huawei. ARM is disturbing organisation with the Chinese, which implies Huawei will certainly no more have the ability to generate the Kirin

Mexicans and fake phones. How to fool the system in case of a robbery

Equipped break-ins are rather usual in the resources of Mexico, and also citizens have actually discovered an option not to shed their phones: they have phony